Research discovers more health benefits of Quercetin

Quercetin Dihydrate and Quercetin Anhydrous is an antioxidant flavonol, which is naturally present in a variety of foods, such as apples, plums, red grapes, green tea, elderflowers and onions, these are just a part of them. According to a report by Market Watch, as the health benefits of quercetin are becoming more and more known, the market for quercetin is also growing rapidly.

Studies have found that quercetin can fight inflammation and act as a natural antihistamine. In fact, the antiviral ability of quercetin seems to be the focus of many studies, and a large number of studies have emphasized the ability of quercetin to prevent and treat the common cold and flu.

But this supplement has other little-known benefits and uses, including the prevention and/or treatment of the following diseases:

Hypertension Cardiovascular disease Metabolic syndrome Non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD)

Gout Arthritis Mood Disorder.Extend lifespan, which is mainly due to its senolytic benefits (removal of damaged and old cells)

Quercetin improves metabolic syndrome characteristics.

Further subgroup analysis showed that in studies that took at least 500 mg per day for at least eight weeks, supplementation with quercetin “significantly reduced” fasting blood glucose.

Quercetin helps regulate gene expression.Research quercetin interacts with DNA to activate the mitochondrial channel of apoptosis (programmed cell death of damaged cells), thereby causing tumor regression.

Studies have found that quercetin can induce the cytotoxicity of leukemia cells, and the effect is related to the dose. Limited cytotoxic effects have also been found in breast cancer cells. In general, quercetin can extend the lifespan of cancer mice by 5 times compared with the untreated control group.

A study published published emphasized the epigenetic effects of quercetin and its ability to:

· Interact with cell signaling channels

· Regulate gene expression

· Affect the activity of transcription factors

· Regulate microribonucleic acid (microRNA)

Microribonucleic acid was once considered “junk” DNA.It is actually a small molecule of ribonucleic acid, which plays a vital role in regulating the genes that make human proteins.

Quercetin is a powerful antiviral ingredient.

As mentioned above, the research carried out around quercetin focuses on its antiviral ability, which is mainly due to three mechanisms of action:

.Inhibit the ability of viruses to infect cells

.Inhibit the replication of infected cells

.Reduce the resistance of infected cells to antiviral drug treatment

Quercetin fights inflammation and enhances immune function. In addition to antiviral activity, quercetin can also enhance immunity and fight inflammation.Considering the wide range of benefits of quercetin, it may be a beneficial supplement for many people, whether it is acute or longer-term problems, it can have a certain effect. 

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Post time: Nov-03-2021