Epimedium Extract 

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Epemedium Leaf Extract is from a herb of horny goat weed (Epimedium, Herba Epimdii, Icariin, Yinyanghuo, Fairy Wings, Rowdy Lamb Herb) that is known for being an aphrodisiac and touted as a men’s sexual organs booster. It is also sometimes referred to by its active ingredient, Icariin. Lcariin is known as a prenylated flavonoid compound and has been shown to exert much of the aphrodisiac effects of Horny Goat Weed.

Epimedium contains a compound known as lcariin that helps stimulate the nerves throughout the body. Advanced studies reveal that this stimulation effect is particularly experienced in the genital area of the body.  While the scientific community has focused mainly on men and treatments for erectile dysfunction, women’s sexual performance and loss of sex drive (among both sexes) are also hot issues today.

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Product Description

Product Name: Epimedium Leaf Extract

Another Name: Horny Goat Weed Extract, Epimedium koreanum extract, Epimedium sagittatum extract

Category: Plant Extract

Effective components: lcariin

Product specification: 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 98%

Analysis: HPLC

Quality Control : In House

Formulate: C33H40O15

Molecular weight:676.65

CAS No:489-32-7

Appearance: Brown fine powder with characteristic odor.

Identification: Passes all criteria tests

Storage: keep in cool and dry place, well-closed, away from moisture or direct sunlight.

Volume Savings: Sufficient material supply and stable supply channel of raw material in north China.

Certificate of Analysis

Product Name Epimedium Extract Botanical Source Epimedium brevicornu Maxim.
Batch Number RW-EE20210113 Batch Quantity 1000 kgs
Manufacture Date Jan. 13. 2021 Inspection Date Jan. 21. 2021
Solvents Residue Water&Ethanol Part Used: Whole Plant
Physical&Chemical Data 
Color Brown Organoleptic Qualified
Odour Characteristic Organoleptic Qualified
Appearance Fine Powder Organoleptic Qualified
Analytical Quality 
Identification Identical to R.S. sample HPTLC Identical
Icariin ≥10.0% HPLC 10.23%
Sieve Analysis 100 % through 80 mesh USP36<786> Qualified
Loss on Drying ≤5.0 % Eur.Ph.7.0 [2.5.12] 3.46%
Total Ash ≤5.0 % Eur.Ph.7.0 [2.4.16] 3.18%
Loose Density 20~60 g/100ml Eur.Ph.7.0 [2.9.34] 54.27 g/100ml
Tap Density 30~80 g/100ml Eur.Ph.7.0 [2.9.34] 73.26 g/100ml
Pesticides Residue Negative USP36 <561> Qualified
Heavy Metals 
Total Heavy Metals ≤10.0ppm Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.2.58> ICP-MS Qualified
Lead (Pb) ≤2.0ppm Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.2.58> ICP-MS Qualified
Arsenic (As) ≤2.0 ppm Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.2.58> ICP-MS Qualified
Total Plate Count ≤1,000 cfu/g USP  <2021> Qualified
Yeast & Mold ≤100 cfu/g USP  <2021> Qualified
E.Coli. Negative USP  <2022> Negative
Salmonella Negative USP  <2022> Negative
Packing & Storage Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.
N.W: 25kgs
Store in a well-closed container away from  moisture, light, oxygen.
Shelf life 24 months under the conditions above and in its original packaging.

Analyst: Dang Wang

Checked by: Lei Li

Approved by: Yang Zhang

Product Function

Enhances sexual functions traditionally. benefits for removing rheumatisms, Prevents osteoporosis,Prevents menopause and high blood pressure,Strengthens the immunity ability,Increases coronal pulse flowing, and accelerates spermatic fluid. 


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